Xposed edge pro v3.4 APK [Latest]

Xposed edge pro

This module provides you system level controls and actions. Remap gesture, keys, phone state…, to trigger actions you want.


  • Edge gestures.
  • Keys.
  • Pie.
  • Shortcut panel.
  • Side bar.
  • Schedule(alarm).
  • More(boot completed, screen turned on/off, wifi connected/disconnected…)…


  • Navigates: back, home, recent apps…
  • Controls: sleep/wake up, show power menu, shutdown, reboot, expand notifications panel…
  • Media controls: play/pause, next, previous, stop…
  • Settings: auto brightness, rotation, wifi, mobile data…
  • Start app/shortcut/activity, last app/next app, kill app…
  • Freezer: freeze/unfreeze app, launch frozen app without unfreeze, and auto freeze after app exit.
  • Inject gesture, key event, text…
  • Screen filter: it does not affect the application installation, and it can auto disable when screenshot.
  • Pen: draw on the top of screen.
  • Pie.
  • Swipe adjust: swipe on the edge to adjust brightness, screen filter, volume…
  • Shortcut panel, app drawer, freezer drawer, side bar…
  • Torch.
  • Notification, speech.
  • Conditional: is screen on, keyguard on, wifi connected/disconnected, battery level, time period, wifi connected to, app focused…
  • Action list.
  • Saved action list.
  • Much More….

What’s New :

  • New action: successive adjust(screen filter, brightness, volume, scroll), adjust as duration you pressed, like long press volume key.
  • More functions of pen, line, rectangle, arrow. Add colors via Preferences – Pen colors. Show tool bar with two finger.
  • New triggers: status bar shown/hidden, navigation bar shown/hidden, …
  • New conditions: status bar showing, navigation bar showing, …
  • Bug fixes.

How to Install :

  1. Download & Install APK
  2. Enjoy 🙂

Screenshots :

  • Xposed edge pro Screenshot
  • Xposed edge pro Screenshot
  • Xposed edge pro Screenshot
  • Xposed edge pro Screenshot
  • Xposed edge pro Screenshot

Downloads :

Xposed edge pro v3.4 APK (1.9 MB) | Mirror

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