Replaio – Radio, Music & Talk v1.4.1 [Pro] APK [Latest]

Replaio – Radio, Music & Talk

Replaio is a free online radio player providing access to more than 30,000 stations all over the world. You can listen to your favorite online radio stations and AM/FM stations available online, as well as discover new stations using the “Explore” feature!

With Replaio, great music and radio journalism are always right by your side. Wherever you are, you can listen to music, sports coverage, the latest news, and all your favorite programs.

Why Replaio?

Modern, intuitive, attractive Material Design interface with handy tabs

When creating Replaio, we strived to combine the most interesting features with a convenient and aesthetically pleasing interface. The Material Design interface, with its innovative new tabs, ensures quick and easy access to all features, no matter if you’re listening to the radio at home or in your car. Want to tune in to your favorite station? Just tap the appropriate tab (always visible on the screen) and turn on the radio using large, convenient buttons. You can tap again to see the player with album art. Doesn’t that sound cool? Try it out!

Stable listening free from disruptions

Replaio is a player designed with stability in mind. We want you to be able to listen to your favorite radio station immediately after tuning in, without disruptions or constant buffering – even with a slow Internet connection. Replaio allows you to customize buffer length within a range of 1 to 30 seconds. We are currently working on other features to improve the stability of your listening experience – we will release them soon.

Convenient access to a catalog of more than 30,000 radio stations around the world

You can find stations playing pop, rock, hip hop, electronic, jazz, classical, country, blues, even Christmas music. The app allows you to search for them by country or network (e.g. SomaFM). You can also access news and sports channels. Can’t decide? Try the “Random” feature – we’ll pick a station for you! Of course, you can also search for stations by name. If the station you want is not in our catalog yet, tap the “Add station” button and enter its name – if it’s available, we’ll add it to the catalog within 24 hours!

Spotify integration

Like the song you’re currently listening to? Got access to Spotify? Great! Now you can quickly add it to your Spotify playlist and listen to it whenever you want!

Main features of Replaio

* Access to more than 30,000 radio stations
* Convenient access to your favorite stations
* Radio alarm clock with snooze feature
* Sleep Timer
* Favorite program reminders
* Customizable colors
* 4-level dark mode
* Ability to rewind and pause live radio
* History of tracks played
* Ability to keep the screen awake
* Customizable buffer length
* Spotify integration

Screenshots :

  • Replaio Radio - Music & Info Screenshot
  • Replaio Radio - Music & Info Screenshot
  • Replaio Radio - Music & Info Screenshot
  • Replaio Radio - Music & Info Screenshot
  • Replaio Radio - Music & Info Screenshot
  • Replaio Radio - Music & Info Screenshot
  • Replaio Radio - Music & Info Screenshot
  • Replaio Radio - Music & Info Screenshot


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